George C. Chatzopoulos was a man whose passion for life, sense of adventure, and fearless attitude was tangible, and could positively affect others and their outlook. He was doing just that when he lost his life surfing El Salvador's K-59 on March 14, 2009. We are keeping George's passion for adventure alive by giving back to what inspired George; surfing, ecology, education and children in need.



George C Fund Memorial Sports Complex

In April of this year, George C Chatzopoulos Memorial Sports Complex became the name of the Wolfe and Adase Fields in Roselle Park, New Jersey as a result of the funding George C Fund provided the Roselle Park Youth Baseball League to renovate their fields and purchase a building.

George C Fund is grateful to the community of Roselle Park and the funds supporters for which this honor would not have been possible without.



I'm running the ING NYC Marathon 2010 for George C Chatzopoulos Fund and Stoked Mentoring and I need your Help!

Hi Everyone,   In 2008, I ran my first 13.1 miles in the NYC Half-Marathon, something I never thought I could do.  I remember calling my brother George on a Monday at the end of June to ask him if he knew of any half-marathons taking place in October of 2008. I thought I’d be ready by then. With the wonderful enthusiasm he always had, he said, “Why wait until October? Use my number and run the NYC Half-Marathon this weekend; it has your name all over it.”  So I ran…and I ran. The exhilaration and pride I felt when I crossed the finish line was indescribable.  I never thought I could run that far, but I’ve learned that the words “I can’t” are no longer part of my vocabulary.   So here I am in 2010, already three half-marathons under my belt this year and all I can think about is running another 26.2.  I need your help though, friends.  My goal is to raise 10,000 and dedicate these 26.2 miles to two charities.   The first is Stoked Mentoring, a NYC and LA-based non-profit which creates action sport programs for youth in underserved communities through afterschool programs, empowering youth to achieve a more successful future.  I’ve met with Steve Larosiliere, founder of Stoked, on several occasions, and I believe in this charity.   The second charity I run for is very near and dear to my heart.  The George C Fund ( was established in 2009, shortly after my brother George lost his life surfing El Salvador’s K-59. Our goal is to support a diverse range of causes including child services, education, the environment, individuals or families in need, and the community as a whole. Over the last year, we have worked with the Ronald McDonald House, Best Day Foundation, and Surfers Healing. Our young board, which consists of the friends and family of George, is excited to make an impact in honor of my brother, a man who inspired so many to live life with passion and adventure.   Of the 10,000 I hope to raise, two will go to Stoked Mentoring.  Please follow to make your donations through PayPal.  Please be sure to note your donation is for the MARATHON.   I appreciate every bit of support and I hope by running this race and supporting these charities, I can inspire you to live every day with passion and honor!

Note to Board after attending Surf Mentoring Surfcamp, supported by Georgecfund

Todays surf camp was incredible. They start the camp with a group circle. Each member, whether they are a child in the program, a volunteer or a mentor picks one of the principles (respect, trust, honor, environment) and relates them to surfing and their experiences thus far. Rosie, a teacher at a school in brooklyn and also a mentor, pairs each participant up with a buddy and they head out the catch some waves. The kids have fun.. They fall, they laugh, they catch waves!! Safety is top priority, with Rosie, Steve and the hired lifeguard keeping count of the kids in the water. Afterwards, they build a sculpture. Since its the last camp of the season, they build the stoked symbol. Building the sculpture earns them lunch. We head to 67th street to the stoked shack, a trailer donated by the construction site directly behind the beach. This ocean view real estate is used to store boards, rashguards, food and all the essentials for each camp. Little by little the shack is built up. Next year Steve hopes to have a few artists bring the interior more life. Nonetheless, its perfect. After lunch, its back to the beach. The group circle brings the day to an end.. Leaving everyone STOKED.  George would be proud! We should be proud to be part of such an amazingly fulfilling organization!  Katie


George C Fund Sponsors Stoked Surf Mentoring Program

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