George C Fund Memorial Sports Complex

In April of this year, George C Chatzopoulos Memorial Sports Complex became the name of the Wolfe and Adase Fields in Roselle Park, New Jersey as a result of the funding George C Fund provided the Roselle Park Youth Baseball League to renovate their fields and purchase a building.

George C Fund is grateful to the community of Roselle Park and the funds supporters for which this honor would not have been possible without.


I'm running the ING NYC Marathon 2010 for George C Chatzopoulos Fund and Stoked Mentoring and I need your Help!
Hi Everyone,   In 2008, I ran my first 13.1 miles in the NYC Half-Marathon, something I never thought I could do.  I remember calling my brother George on a Monday at the end of June to ask him if he knew of any half-marathons taking place in October of 2008. I thought I’d be ready by then. With the wonderful enthusiasm he always had, he said, “Why wait until October? Use my number and run the NYC Half-Marathon this weekend; it has your name all over it.”  So I ran…and I ran. The exhilaration and pride I felt when I crossed the finish line was indescribable.  I never thought I could run that far, but I’ve learned that the words “I can’t” are no longer part of my vocabulary.   So here I am in 2010, already three half-marathons under my belt this year and all I can think about is running another 26.2.  I need your help though, friends.  My goal is to raise 10,000 and dedicate these 26.2 miles to two charities.   The first is Stoked Mentoring, a NYC and LA-based non-profit which creates action sport programs for youth in underserved communities through afterschool programs, empowering youth to achieve a more successful future.  I’ve met with Steve Larosiliere, founder of Stoked, on several occasions, and I believe in this charity.   The second charity I run for is very near and dear to my heart.  The George C Fund ( was established in 2009, shortly after my brother George lost his life surfing El Salvador’s K-59. Our goal is to support a diverse range of causes including child services, education, the environment, individuals or families in need, and the community as a whole. Over the last year, we have worked with the Ronald McDonald House, Best Day Foundation, and Surfers Healing. Our young board, which consists of the friends and family of George, is excited to make an impact in honor of my brother, a man who inspired so many to live life with passion and adventure.   Of the 10,000 I hope to raise, two will go to Stoked Mentoring.  Please follow to make your donations through PayPal.  Please be sure to note your donation is for the MARATHON.   I appreciate every bit of support and I hope by running this race and supporting these charities, I can inspire you to live every day with passion and honor!
Note to Board after attending Surf Mentoring Surfcamp, supported by Georgecfund

Todays surf camp was incredible. They start the camp with a group circle. Each member, whether they are a child in the program, a volunteer or a mentor picks one of the principles (respect, trust, honor, environment) and relates them to surfing and their experiences thus far. Rosie, a teacher at a school in brooklyn and also a mentor, pairs each participant up with a buddy and they head out the catch some waves. The kids have fun.. They fall, they laugh, they catch waves!! Safety is top priority, with Rosie, Steve and the hired lifeguard keeping count of the kids in the water. Afterwards, they build a sculpture. Since its the last camp of the season, they build the stoked symbol. Building the sculpture earns them lunch. We head to 67th street to the stoked shack, a trailer donated by the construction site directly behind the beach. This ocean view real estate is used to store boards, rashguards, food and all the essentials for each camp. Little by little the shack is built up. Next year Steve hopes to have a few artists bring the interior more life. Nonetheless, its perfect. After lunch, its back to the beach. The group circle brings the day to an end.. Leaving everyone STOKED.  George would be proud! We should be proud to be part of such an amazingly fulfilling organization!  Katie

George C Fund Sponsors Stoked Surf Mentoring Program

Leatherman's Loop, Cross River, NY - The Tradition continues

Its that time of year again,

As you may know, George was a big fan of the Leatherman's Loop, a 10K trail race held at the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, NY  

He encouraged many of his friends and co-workers to run this tough but fun race. We are running again in his honor.   Please join us! 


WJB Capital's 2nd Annual Charity Day "Partnering to Make A Difference"

On April 14, 2010, WJB Capital's institutional trading desk hosted its 2nd Annual Charity Day and donated all eligible and approved trading commissions directed towards Coaches Vs Cancer, ThanksUSA, The George C. Fund and JEC.

We would like to personally thank WJB Capital for including our fund in this event. We are especially grateful to WJB's Team, its customers, colleagues and friends for supporting us. It is through your generosity, hard work and effort that will help us keep the mission of The George C. Fund alive.

Again, we thank you! 

Board of The George C. Chatzopoulos Fund



A Year in Review


On March 14, 2009 we lost a son, brother, friend and truly special human being.  It’s amazing that it’s been a year since George moved on to bigger and better things – sometimes it feels like 10 days and sometimes it feels like 10 years.  I think most of us have spent the last year learning to accept rather than trying to understand why George had to go so soon.  The one thing anyone who knew George can be certain of, is that wherever he is he’s definitely smiling and laughing just the way he always did.


The reaction in the community in the days and weeks after the accident was amazing.  We should all be so lucky as to have as many caring friends as George did.  The genesis of the George C Fund really came out of a need to have an organized way to deal with the outpouring of support from his friends.   Getting the fund up and running took a few months of work but was done just before last summer.


We discovered that running 501c3 organization is a challenge.  We were quite successful in the fund raising aspect of running the fund. 

·         Our first event as an organization was a “trading day” conducted through WJB Capital.  In short, all commissions from trades done with WJB that day were donated to the fund.  Thanks to the help of many of George’s friends working in the financial sector, the trading day was a huge success and we raised close to $200,000 on that day alone. 


We will be doing another trading day this April 14th so please contact us if you or anyone you know would like to participate. 


·         Our second event of the year was a golf outing.  It was another successful event which raised over $10,000.  It was a ton of fun and a chance for many of George’s friends to get together and catch up. 


·         Our third source of funds last year came from extremely generous individual donations made by George’s network of friends.  


The more challenging part of running our organization turned out to be distributing funds.  There are so many tremendous organizations and causes out there that it’s mindboggling. 

·         In the aftermath of the accident, a natural place to turn was to surfing related causes.  We hooked up with a group called Surfer’s Healing and funded 3 surf camps for autistic children.  It was amazingly gratifying to see something great come out of a tragic event.   

·         We made a donation to the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Jersey.  The Greek Orthodox Church was a big part of George’s life and played an important role for George’s family in the days after the accident.  

·         We made a donation to the Ronald McDonald House of New York and have had discussions with them on how we could collaborate in the coming years. 


We will keep to our broad goals of doing good for humanity in George’s name and hope we can do it with a fraction of George’s enthusiasm.  We look forward to working with and seeing as many of you as possible in the coming months.


Warm Regards,

Kids Charity Fun Run - Ronald McDonald House

On November 7th, Mia Strazzella will be participating in a race in central park to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. She will represent the George C Fund. If you have a child that may be interested in joining the race on behalf of the George C Fund, please follow the link below and become part of the George C Fund Team.

The RMDH houses children with cancer and their families. Its a truly amazing place. Check out the link for more details.

Any money your child raises, will be matched by the George C Fund.   

Feel free to contact Rocco Strazzella at or with questions

1st Annual George C. Fund Golf Outing

We are pleased to host our 1st Annual Golf Outing at the Beacon Hill Country Club in Atlantic Highlands, NJ on Monday, October 19th starting at 11am.  Please follow the link below to participate in the event. 

George C Fund opens NY Surf Film Festival Charity Auction

The George C Fund attended Second Annual New York Surf Film Festival which took place on the weekend of September 25, 2009. George enthusiastically volunteered the year before and we followed in his footsteps. Check out the press we received and make sure to attend next year!

To learn more about the festival, check out the link.



Surfers Healing - Long Beach, NY

We spent the day with the amazing folks from Surfershealing, a foundation that helps Autistic children through surfing therapy.  As Co-Sponsors and volunteers of this event, we were able to add a little sunshine to these families lives, including our own. To learn more about Surfers Healing please go to their site:

Surfers Healing - Belmar, NJ

We spent two days with the amazing folks from Surfershealing, a foundation that helps Autistic children through surfing therapy.  As Co-Sponsors and volunteers of this event, we were able to add a little sunshine to these families lives, including our own. To learn more about Surfers Healing please go to their site:

SEAPaddleNYC - New York, NY

Representing our fund, Michael Chatzopoulos and Tommy Seier joined surf legends Darrick Doerner, Gerry Lopez and Joel Tudor on a 28 mile paddle around New York City to benefit Surfers' Environmental Alliance (SEA).  As Co-Sponsers and volunteers of the event, we directly benefitted along with other autism charities. To find out more about these charities, please find their sites below.

Surfers Healing – 

SEAPaddleNYC -





LEATHERMAN'S LOOP - 2009 Cross River, NY

George was a big fan of the Leatherman's Loop, a 10K trail race held at the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, NY  He encouraged many of his friends and co-workers to run this tough but fun race. This year his family, friends and co-workers came together to run it in his honor. Here are some photos from the race ).

Next year we plan on making this a fundraiser so start training now!


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